Production of Medical Devices for Pharmacies



Twins Optical

Twins Optical is the leading brand of MAST INDUSTRIA ITALIANA.

It covers all medical devices intended to protect your eyes and eyesight: reading glasses for presbyopia, HD contact lenses and polarized sunglasses.

All Twins Optical products are Class I Medical Devices, tested one by one to ensure maximum safety and reliability. All products are tax-deductible and they can be purchased in Italian pharmacies and online, from the Twins Optical Digital Store.

La Maison des Essences

Equivalent perfumes by La Maison Des Essences and Petite Essence represent one of the main novelties of MAST INDUSTRIA ITALIANA.

These pleasant and refined essences can be appropriate for every style and will enchant your taste becoming irreplaceable accessories for every occasion.

Our equivalent perfumes are budget-friendly and available in two formats:

La Maison Des Essences: the original essences in 100ml perfume bottles

Petite Essence:  the practical 30ml pocket-sized perfume bottles

Discover our equivalent perfumes


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