Sunglasses with polarized lenses

The light propagating through space by electromagnetic waves that vibrate in all directions. The polarized lens has the aim to direct the light in one direction and then eliminate reflections from asphalt, water, snow, sand, hood of the car and the other horizontal surfaces.

The light reflected from these surfaces (but also the particles of dust and vapor which is composed of the air) makes vision less sharp, dazzle, annoys and fatigues the eyes.
Polarized lenses filter out reflections and exclude the part of light that disturbs the vision.

Wearing polarized lenses, you get an increase in the image contrast and has a visual perception that is not disturbed by the reflection: the images appear sharper and improves visual perception.
Polarized lenses are essential for protection from sunlight, thanks to their properties guarantee the best visual comfort in all outdoor activities.

Ideal for all sports where vision is disturbed by the presence of reflected light (motorcycles, bicycles, fishing, sailing, surfing, skiing, etc.).
Necessary for safe driving because they neutralize the glare caused by the reflection light from the asphalt produced, ensuring a clear view and comfortable. Essential in environments with extreme light conditions (beach, sea and mountain) to protect your eyes from harmful rays.z

Scattered light and polarized light

The solar radiation is characterized by a direct and indirect light. For direct light it means the strong normal light near the sun (equator, high altitude). The indirect radiation is instead the result of atmospheric refraction and the reflection on the ground: 

  • 85% reflection on the snow
  • 60% of the reflection on the water
  • reflection of 17% on the sand
  • reflection 1% on the grass

In the direct radiation, light waves circulate in all directions: this is meant to diffuse light. When light encounters a reflective surface is polarized, that is orderly in parallel planes, and this merger creates an indirect radiation – reflected light – that causes the reflection.


When the light is reflected from a surface, it is partially polarized. When it is reflected at a particular angle (53 ° in the case of water), it is completely polarized.

Whenever this light (reflections) is seen through a polarizer, it is completely eliminated. The reflection is the cause of bothersome and excessive stress to the eye, phenomena which can not be solved with plastic or colored glass. The polarized filters selectively absorb the reflection, transmitting useful light of a scene. This total transmittance can be adjusted to reduce the brightness to a level adequate.

The undesirable effects of reflection are an increase in the brightness and a reduction in saturation of the colors that make faded the objects seen in the presence of the reflection.


Sunglasses Adult Collection

Sunglasses Twins Optical Spring/Summer 2020 collection with polarized lenses is now available online and in pharmacies.


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